Call for Papers

The Oxford Early American Republic Seminar will offer the opportunity for junior researchers to share and discuss their work on America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in depth with students and lecturers from other universities. The seminar would like to invite graduate students and early career researchers working in the United Kingdom to present at our Michaelmas Term sessions.



Following the example of the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford, where the seminar is based, we aim to promote an interdisciplinary approach to American studies. We therefore welcome submissions from disciplines across the humanities and social sciences including – but not limited to – history, geography, literature, political science, and economics.



It is expected that most sessions will involve discussion of projects that are currently in-progress. Presenters may pre-circulate a paper for an in-depth workshop-style session, or give a conference-style presentation on their research. Meetings will be held in Oxford at 5pm on Wednesday evenings in the autumn of 2018, with exact dates depending on availability of presenters. Thanks to generous funding from the Rothermere American Institute, the seminar is able to reimburse presenters for train fares when necessary, and invite them to dinner after the session.



All submissions should make their way to us by Sunday 30th September 2018 to be considered for this term’s seminar. Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words, a 100-word biography, and a preference to present or pre-circulate, to or


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