Week 1: Catherine Treesh, ‘Nova Scotia and the American Revolution’

Join us in the downstairs seminar room at the Rothermere American Institute next week, Wednesday 1st May, at 5pm for our first session of the term, where Catherine Treesh will give a presentation on Nova Scotians’ role in the American Revolution, ‘asking why rebels there were unable to connect with the revolutionary thirteen colonies.’ The paper will not be pre-circulated, and all are welcome to attend.

Catherine Treesh is a doctoral candidate in History at Yale University, focusing on political culture and institutions in eighteenth-century America. Her dissertation, “Creating a Continental Community: Committees of Correspondence and the American Revolution,” explores the committees that British North Americans used to resist imperial policy in the 1760s and 1770s. The project developed from her abiding interest in the ways political communities are formed, which was sparked by coursework on the growth of the early modern British Empire and the breakdown of empires during the Age of Revolutions. She is currently researching in London but will return to Yale this autumn to continue teaching and writing.

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