Week 3: L.K. Walters, ‘The Environmental Thought of Runaways from Slavery’

Join us at the Rothermere American Institute at 5pm on Wednesday 15th May to discuss Lindsey K. Walters’s chapter on the environmental thought of runaways from slavery. The paper will be pre-circulated: if you are not on the mailing list already and would like a copy of the paper, please send an email to grace.mallon@univ.ox.ac.uk

Lindsey K. Walters is a second year PhD candidate in American History at the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation is a social and intellectual history of enslaved people’s environmental thinking in the antebellum South. She previously completed an MPhil in American History at Cambridge and a BA in History and African American Studies at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Her first article was published in Slavery & Abolition in 2017, and is based on research completed during her undergraduate degree on universities’ efforts to come to terms with their historical institutional involvement in slavery.

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