Week 7: Nicholas Cole, ‘The Quill Project and Mythbusting the Constitutional Convention’

Join us next Wednesday afternoon for our penultimate session of this academic year, where Nicholas Cole will demonstrate how we can use digital methods to disentangle some of the trickier historical controversies of the 1787 Constitutional Convention. With press coverage relating to the Convention reaching fever pitch since the election of Donald Trump, and questions about the origins of the electoral college, the emoluments clause, and other aspects of the Constitution a topic of hot debate, Dr Cole will offer new perspectives on the complex process by which the Constitution was drafted that summer in Philadelphia.

As usual, the seminar will meet on Wednesday (12th June) at 5pm in the downstairs seminar room at the Rothermere American Institute. All are welcome. N.B.: The paper will NOT be precirculated.

Dr Nicholas Cole is a Senior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford. He is a historian of politics and political thought, and is Director of the Quill Project, a digital project exploring the creation of constitutions, treaties, and legislation throughout history.

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