An OxEARS Conversation: The American Nineteenth Century and Legacies of White Supremacy

In response to the widespread protests against racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, we at OxEARS have decided, with the support of the Rothermere American Institute, to add an event to our term card. Though the event has been organized at very short notice and will thus take on a somewhat informal character, ‘An OxEARS Conversation’ will do what the seminar does best: give our network of historians of the early republic a space to discuss the work they do and to learn from each other.

In a slight change from our usual programming, we the organizers have specially invited three former speakers to present a panel on different aspects of the historical context surrounding white supremacy, racism, and Black lives in the United States. The historians we have invited will provide a diverse array of historical and personal perspectives on this era-defining moment of protest.

  • Kariann Akemi Yokota is Associate Professor of History at the University of Colorado, Denver. She is the author of Unbecoming British, among other publications on the topics of immigration and ethnicity.
  • Adam McNeil is a PhD student at Rutgers University, where he is writing about the experiences of Black fugitive women during the eighteenth century and specifically the American Revolutionary era. Adam is also a regular contributor to the academic blogs Black Perspectives and The Junto, and plays a major role in interviewing scholars and writers for New Books in African American Studies.
  • Nicholas Cole is a Senior Research Fellow at Pembroke College and director of the Quill Project. His work encompasses classical reception, law, and constitutionalism in the revolutionary and early national United States.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A session.

We hope you will join us at 4.30pm on Wednesday 10th June via Zoom. Details will reach you over the mailing list in advance of the session.

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