OxEARS 2022-23

Welcome back to another year of the Oxford Early American Republic Seminar. This year, we continue to move in an interdisciplinary direction, incorporating some literary offerings into our regular diet of historical research on the United States between the Revolution and the Civil War. If you are a scholar working on early U.S. history, please do join us in person at the Rothermere American Institute or online via Zoom – all meetings are held at 4pm on a Wednesday. To join the mailing list for updates, pre-circulated papers, and Zoom links, please email the convenor at grace.mallon@rai.ox.ac.uk.


Wednesday 2nd November (Week 4)

Caitlin Smith (Heidelberg), ‘Can a Skeptic be a Lady? Domesticity and Irreligiosity in Antebellum American Literature’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 30th November (Week 8)

Tomos Hughes (Warwick), ‘Why Can’t Slaveholders Imagine the Future?’ (pre-circulated)


Wednesday 25th January (Week 2)

Helena Yoo Roth (CUNY), ‘Colonial Time-Consciousness and the American Revolution’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 8th February (Week 4)

Isaiah Ellis (Toronto), ‘ “To Remedy the Evils Under Which We Labor”: Internal Improvement as Religious Statecraft in the Antebellum South’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 22nd February (Week 6)

Gordon Fraser (Manchester), ‘Engineering Peace: Technology and the End of Politics in the American Nineteenth Century’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 8th March (Week 8)

Claire Rydell Arcenas (Montana), book talk: America’s Philosopher: John Locke in American Intellectual Life (Chicago, 2022)


Wednesday 3rd May (Week 2)

Carolyn Zola (Stanford), ‘Industrious or Obstreperous: Impoverished White Huckster Women in the Antebellum City’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 17th May (Week 4)

Kevin Waite (Durham), book talk: West of Slavery: The Southern Dream of a Transcontinental Empire (Chapel Hill, 2021)

Wednesday 31st May (Week 6)

Richard Bell (Maryland), ‘Get Out: Streetcars and the Gendered Politics of Segregation in 1850s New York’ (pre-circulated)

Wednesday 14th June (Week 8)

Kenneth Owen (Illinois), ‘Reinventing the Revolution: The State of Franklin, Secessionism, and the New Constitution’ (pre-circulated)

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