Two-Minute Reviews by OxEARS

Read a book recently that you really loved – or a book that you really didn’t? OxEARS wants to know! Our series of two-minute reviews will provide a resource for students and teachers around the world to advise each other on the best texts to set and the most important books to read in early American studies, whether hot off the press or well-established on library shelves. Unlike academic journals, we aren’t looking for anything discursive – the shorter the better! Just identify your book and use these questions as a guide:


  • Does it answer the question it says it’s going to answer?
  • Is the thesis actually original, or can you get the same argument from a classic text?
  • Is it clear and easy to read?
  • Would it be a good text to set for a seminar/tutorial?


No need to conform to a strict word limit, but a guide length might be 300-400 words. Successful submissions will be published on our blog and shared by our Twitter account. Please do conform to our conflict-of-interest policy, and don’t submit a review if the author of the book is your best friend/graduate advisor/just wrote a glowing review of your own recent book! We look forward to reading your submissions, publishing your work, and building a useful resource for other researchers in the field. Send your reviews to or


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